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These are some of our most asked questions, but if you have any more, you’re always welcome to reach out to us.

How much does a website cost?

The price of a website can vary a lot depending on your needs. A rough estimate would be betwen the following ranges:

USD: $2,000 to $20,000+
NZD: $3,000 to $30,000+
AUD: $2,800 to $28,000+
EUR: $1,700 to $17,000+

Key factors are:

  • Number of pages
  • Complexity of design
  • Ecommerce shop needed or not
  • Any other more advanced programming required

There are a lot of variables that can determine the cost and it’s always hard to know what’s possible or not, so it’s always a good idea to chat to us personally to find out. We’re always happy to sit down for a talk just to go through it all with you.

What are the ongoing costs of a website?

If you have your own hosting provider:

  • $3 to $50 / month (USD) depending on who you choose

If you host with us; $25/month (USD), including:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Unlimited business email addresses (e.g. [email protected])
  • Optimised page loading
  • Secure SSL
  • Cloudfare CDN
  • 100% renewable energy match
  • Daily website backups

How long does it take to make a website?

Our whole process from the research phase, the design, the development, revisions and testing can take about 1 – 4 months.

Will I be able to make changes on my own when it’s done?

We can set up the text on the website to be partially or completely editable by you after it’s finished.

For adding new blog posts and shop items this is very easy. For big changes to the design or the structure or the website, this can require changes to the actual code.

We can set up an ongoing upgrades and maintenance plan custom to your needs. We can talk about this as we’re building your proposal.

What do you need me to supply?

  • What you want your website to help you achieve
  • Information about your business
  • (Optional) Media – we can help you to find stock photos if required
  • (Optional) Website copy – we can write that for you if you’d like
  • (Optional) Branding colors and fonts – we can help you design those

What support do you offer afterwards?

We offer custom support for each client depending on your needs. Whether you just need the site done and dusted, or you’d like focused maintenance support from our team, we can create a plan that suits you.

What other services do you offer?

Our focus is making great websites that help you sell more online.

However, we can also advise on marketing and branding strategy. If you are unsure about which social media platform to advertise on, unsure about how to generate more leads, or in need of some creative ideas for a product launch, reach out to us!

Additionally, if you’re in need of some extra design work such as logos, advertisements, banners, etc., then we can easily put our team of experienced designers to the task. If you need to start from scratch to design your brand identity, we can also walk you through the full process.

Who does the work?

Stuart manages all customer relations and works directly with clients to outline the project goals. Stuart creates the design templates for the team of experienced designers to use, as well as the tools and structure for the developers. Skies is a remote studio which means that Stuart coordinates a team of workers in many locations around the globe. All Skies employees and freelancers undergo an extensive interview process and only extremely talented individuals are hired. Once hired, every team member is given the Skies internal training to ensure that each project is completed with the same attention to superb quality.

Will there be opportunities for revisions along the way?

We work with a minimum of three stages of revisions in our process:

  • After the wireframes
  • After the design
  • After the development

We do this to make sure that you are comfortable with the work we are doing. We actively ask you to provide any changes you would like after each stage as it is much easier to make changes earlier, rather than after extra work has been done.

If you are starting from scratch to design your brand identity, then there will be extra revisions during this process. We will do this before starting the website to make sure we have a clear creative goal.

How do I purchase a domain name?

We recommend Namecheap.com or GoDaddy.com for purchasing domain names. When you have purchased the domain name, you can give us the login information and we can connect the domain name to your website.

What statistics can I get from the website?

Using Google Analytics, you can collect information from every person that visits your website including:

  • Device
  • Browser
  • Location
  • How they found the website e.g. a google search, Facebook link, email link, etc.
  • Time spent on each page

Using Hotjar, you can see exactly where users are clicking on the website and, from this, we can understand what users are trying to find. Using this analysis, we can suggest design and layout improvements that help users find information ­they need easier.

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